Current Exhibition:

Matan Ben Cnaan: All the Signs Indicate06.03.24 - 02.07.24
Current Exhibition:
Matan Ben Cnaan: All the Signs Indicate
מתן בן כנען, רגעים מרירים של חסד,

The Negev Museum of Art is proud to present a solo show of Matan Ben Cnaan’s work, All The Signs Indicate. From the very first glance at Ben Cnaan’s paintings, it is obvious this is a gifted painter, who combines virtuoso skills and artistic thought into a masterful work of art. Indeed, Ben Cnaan is one of the prominent painters in Israel, and even received international recognition as a realist-figurative artist. The exhibition title, All The Signs Indicate, was inspired by a by Haim Gouri’s poem, which opens with the words: “All the signs indicate that history returns.” Ben Cnaan’s exhibition, which was planned to feature works that draw on the Israeli collective and cultural memory and are populated by images of the past, has turned on the morning of October 7th, 2023 into an exhibition that references an ongoing present that is more topical than ever. Curator: Ron Bartos

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