Past Exhibition

Simple Connection: Exhibition of the students of excellence 2022From November 28 to December 5 2022
Past Exhibition
Simple Connection: Exhibition of the students of excellence 2022

The exhibition "Simple Connection" by the students of excellence is all about connections. This theme, which ran like a common thread between the various projects and programs, was a key to the artworks in the exhibition: combinations of techniques, combinations of trends, colors and more.

The courses that the young artists studying during the 2022 school year, at the Center for Excellence, allowed them to make compositions that they would not have thought of doing on a daily basis if they had not studied in this curriculum.

The students who studied in the “Art of the Selfie” program connected to themselves. The research process that the artists went through allowed them an opportunity for self-examination and in-depth thought. On issues of body positivity and personal identity. The program caused them to freeze a moment in time – a moment of self-perception, to enhance their personal images and make them present in the art they created. This offers a new look at oneself, to discover different feelings and even a different being.

In the “New Horizons” program, the students created impressive compositions using techniques and themes. They found artistic meeting points between themselves and exemplary women in their lives. Others developed connections between everyday materials such as torn cardboard from the street and their dream home. Those who created a connection between the old and the new, between nature and themselves, between the viewer and the artist, and between cultures that would never have met without art.

In the “Masterclass” the artists specialized in connections between traditions: between the classical art tradition on which many of the study programs are based and modern concepts and strategies that are developing nowadays. The students connected the high, canonical art with the simple everyday materials such as locks and tools. Here, the students developed creative thinking and the ability to observe beyond what classical art offers. They translated different cultures and connected them with their own culture and the artistic tradition they developed themselves. The interesting connection between a classical work of art and an unconventional painting platform creates a contemporary statement and raises questions about spirit, matter and beauty.


The exhibition “Simple Connection” is a connection in itself: a connection of the Center for Excellence to the Negev Museum of Art. This is a natural connection made, for the first time, between two main institutions that offer the study of art. In addition to displaying high-quality and important art. This is a connection made out of a desire to open the museum to artists growing up in the community. It provides a first stage for the future generation of Israeli artists.



Curator: Nirit Dahan


The Center of Excellence 2022


Be'er Sheva Municipality
Be'er Sheva Municipality, Education Department

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